Personal Training Doha

My name is Pete Collins and I am a highly qualified personal trainer, offering professional Personal Training in Doha, Qatar. I coach Personal Training to a wide variety of clientele.

Together with the client I will workout a personal training program based on their goals, lifestyle and availability that will involve all types of physical fitness. No session will ever be the same, as I believe variety and intensity go hand in hand when achieving success.

I am well known for my unique motivation and enthusiasm when training clients and keeping them in the right frame of mind, focused determined and most of all, smiling.

Personal Training Doha, Qatar

Personal Training is a lifestyle change

Personal Training involves finding the desire and commitment to make a whole lifestyle change and to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. It involves changing your mind set and outlook on your lifestyle. This will involve changing your eating habits, increasing your physical activity levels and maybe even changing your day to day routine.

A great way to start involves adding physical activity into your lifestyle - taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a few stops earlier or walking / cycling to work can put you one step closer to achieving your weight loss or fitness goals. Reaching your goals will involve making positive changes and taking small steps in the right direction to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

A complete Personal Training package

I offer a complete personal training package to allow you to achieve your ultimate goal of health and wellbeing. All sessions are planned carefully and no session is ever the same, as I will provide you with a variety of exercises while using a wide range of equipment. I am highly qualified and I specialise in a wide range of disciplines.

I have worked internationally with high profile clients, celebrities and people in the public eye, ensuring their discretion and needs are dealt with accordingly without affecting the overall goals.

Sessions can be booked in blocks that suit the client and usually take place at our functional fitness center —  CrossFit Oryx, Doha.

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So, if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, then why not work with one of the best Personal Trainers Doha has to offer. I will help motivate you to get the results you want, a balanced life and a healthier fitter body.

Contact me today for a consultation and let me help you reach your goals.

“For me Pete has put the enjoyment back in to training, with his innovative approach to Functional Fitness. With his help my overall fitness has improved greatly. He is highly motivated and his fantastic encouragement always enable you to use reserves you never thought were there!

Shaun Bolton