Strength & Conditioning Coach Doha

My name is Pete Collins and I am an experienced strength and conditioning coach, offering professional Strength and Conditioning in Doha, Qatar.

Experienced S&C coach

I am an experienced strength and conditioning coach that has worked with people to help build up their strength & conditioning, whether it’s for sports specific purposes or overall gains. I can plan, coach and mentor you using the likes of Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, plyometrics, power plates and all other host of S&C equipment.

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So, if you’re looking to improve your strength and conditioning, then why not work with one of the best Personal Trainers Doha has to offer. I will help motivate you to get the results you want, a balanced life and a healthier fitter body.

Contact me today for a consultation and let me help you reach your goals.

Strength & Conditioning Coach Doha

“For me Pete has put the enjoyment back in to training, with his innovative approach to Functional Fitness. With his help my overall fitness has improved greatly. He is highly motivated and his fantastic encouragement always enable you to use reserves you never thought were there!

Shaun Bolton